We filed the first vaping lawsuit in Washington State last month. Our action was covered by Q13 and several other news outlets.

As I told Dori Monson, marijuana has became as mainstream as beer and bourbon. So it needs to be regulated the same way we regulate everything else. If you’re buying something in a state-licensed store, it ought to be safe.

Right now, it’s the Wild West out there. Marijuana is the new gold rush.

I have long supported the legalization of marijuana. When I was the elected Prosecutor of Pierce County, we dismissed all of our pending marijuana cases immediately after it was legalized in Washington. Further, we began vacating old marijuana convictions. I think it should be legal. I also think it should be safe.

When you buy booze in a store, you know it’s not moonshine. Whether you’re buying Makers Mark or Muscatel, you know what you’re getting. Same should be true of marijuana.

Vaping Lawsuit

Our goal with the lawsuit is justice for our client, accountability for the vaping industry, and a safer product.

We are continuing to sign up clients. Please contact me at Herrmann Law Group if you or someone you know was injured from vaping. Here’s my office email: mark@hlg.lawyer. You can also call me.

Vaping Dangers

Friends in the marijuana industry sent me this informative and disturbing article from Leafly. Check it out. This is real investigative work by Bruce Barcott, David Downs, and Dave Howard.

Every significant news outlet in the Puget Sound region covered our news conference, including all four television stations, The Seattle Times, and Matt Nagle at local news leader The Tacoma Weekly. Our first client is a Tacoma man. I was also contacted by national news media.

Vaping is a hot topic, hotter than a brass bong bowl during Dark Side of the Moon.

A few days after our lawsuit was filed, Governor Jay Inslee issued an executive order to increase regulation of vaping products. His order was controversial, but I’m confident safety is his concern.

Lion Air Update

Meanwhile, I’m continuing to work almost every day on our lawsuits against Boeing for the two crashes of the 737 Max 8. We currently represent 44 victims of the Lion Air JT 610 crash in Indonesia. I’ve spent significant time this year in Indonesia getting to know our clients, their country, and the culture. I’ve also spent time in Chicago mediating with Boeing.

I wrote more about this in the news section of my lawyer website. I’ve maintained the lawyer site to focus on updates from Herrmann Law Group and a few of our high-profile cases.

Personal Injury Attorney

I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating: I have been blessed to do so much good work on safety issues as a prosecutor and now as a personal injury attorney.

At HLG we handle a variety of personal injury cases from aviation disasters to civil rights. Please call me if I can help with anything.

Also, I’ve posted this before, but it’s worth posting again: a smart article about the transition from public service to private practice.

Book Recommendations

Finally, a blog entry on this site isn’t complete without a book recommendation. I am currently reading Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday. This is the best book I’ve read so far this year.

I will make more book recommendations in my next blog post as I endeavor to do in nearly every blog post.

Thank you for reading.