Books by author Mark Lindquist

Mark Lindquist is the author of four novels, The King of Methlehem, published by Simon & Schuster in 2007, Never Mind Nirvana, published by Random House/Villard in 2001, Carnival Desires, published by Atlantic Monthly Press in 1990, and Sad Movies, published by Atlantic Monthly Press in 1987.

(Carnival Desires, almost 25 years after publication, is now available on Kindle at Amazon.)

His books have been bestsellers and are published in more than ten languages. He is working on a new book and other writing projects, including a compilation of his Zen Lawyer columns.

"Lindquist ... captures the zeitgeist.  He does what no one has done as well before."
- Buffalo News

"Echoes and ties to both Hemingway and Fitzgerald."
- Boston Globe

"Dialogue that's absolutely pitch-perfect."
- Washington Post

"Great postmodern literature."

"Deadpan and witty."
-LA Weekly

"Smart, spare prose."
-Vanity Fair

"All is handled with wit and style by Lindquist."
-Detroit News

"Lindquist ... once again has a view of the zeitgeist."
- Los Angeles Times