Author Mark Lindquist events

This isn’t an event in the literary sense of the word, but you should know I joined the Herrmann Law Group in January of 2019.

I am working on the Lion Air crash case with Charles Herrmann, an internationally renowned expert in aviation litigation. We spent January and some of February in Indonesia meeting with families of the victims. In March, on behalf of the families of 17 victims, we filed a lawsuit against Boeing. You can read about it on the firm website, my blog, or Q13 TV.

Zen Lawyer, my next book, will not be out until later this year. It’s a collection of stories applying Zen to law and life. These ancient lessons seem particularly relevant in our rancorous times. I will keep you posted on publication, events, readings, and all things related.

You can also check my TwitterInstagram, Facebook, or even LinkedIn. Instagram is my primary social media these days. Meanwhile, here is Chapter One of Zen Lawyer. There are more chapters linked on my blog.

I will also use this page to notify readers about readings by other authors, concerts, and miscellaneous mischief. You can check my Medium page for my short speeches introducing J.A. Jance and David Boling at writers’ conferences.

Thank you. Keep reading. Be Zen.