Sun is shining, weather is warmer, so I’m posting the summer blog entry early.

I hope you’re enjoying this surprisingly bright spring and taking time to read.

Books and Authors

God bless anybody who spends the time to write a book, especially someone starting a new career. I am impressed by my good friend from the Bad Old Days, Susanna Hoffs, who wrote her first novel after turning 60. Titled This Bird Has Flown, her book was just published by Little, Brown and Company. Yes, the title is taken from a Beatles song. 

Depending on your age, you might remember Susanna as a guitarist and lead singer for The Bangles. A talent for writing songs doesn’t necessarily translate to the long form of a novel, but in Susanna’s case it did. Her book is clever, catchy, and has a contagious joie de vivre, like some of my favorite songs. It’s a love letter to music, romance, and life.

Another friend from the Bad Old Days, Phil Joanou, who directed the U2 movie Rattle and Hum, also has a first novel out relatively late in life, It Just Happened.

Narrated by a twelve-year-old boy, this is among the best coming of age stories I’ve read since Catcher in the Rye and Summer of ’42. I actually enjoyed it more than either of those classics because it’s set in the era of Watergate and The Happy Hooker and Phil, like Susanna, has a true knowledge of and affection for pop culture.

Here in Tacoma, my friend Jack Cameron is trying a different approach to the book game through substack. You might know of Jack as the man behind Tacoma Stories. I’m hooked on his newsletter and serial book.

One of my favorite non-fiction writers, Ryan Holiday, is coming to Seattle. He will be speaking with Robert Greene, the author of The Laws of Human Nature, among other books, at the Moore Theatre on September 21. Maybe I’ll see you there?

And I must mention two cool young authors I discovered through Twitter, Chandler Morrison and one of the more awesome author names in literature, Autumn Christian. Thanks Elon Musk. Yes, I am still on Twitter, albeit only occasionally.

And I’ve just started reading The Art of Learning, which was written by the Chess Master who was the subject of the book and movie, Searching for Bobbie Fischer, Josh Waitzken. He later became a martial arts champion. So far, so good. I’ll come to this book in a future post.

So many good authors, so little reading time. This weekend you can find me making time to read at Urban Ocean.

Google Reviews

On advice of friends like you, I opened a Google business page for Mark Lindquist Law. Many of you know my work and I would be grateful if you would add a review to the page. Right now the new page is lonely. Click here and put some good vibrations into Google. Thanks!

I have to add I’m deeply thankful for all the support I’ve received starting the new firm. I’m honored and blessed to be working on remarkable cases for cool clients. 

I am highly selective about new cases my firm takes on, but if we can’t help, I am happy to refer people to an attorney who is well suited to their case. Feel free to call me.

In my next email I’ll include updates on my case against Boeing and wrongful death cases against Clark County and Seattle, among others.

Meanwhile, you can check case progress on my firm website or firm Facebook page. Also, please sign up for the newsletter, which I send out about three times a year.

According to the Chinese lunar calendar, 2022 was the year of the tiger and 2023 is the year of the rabbit, so life may be a bit more calm and introspective. To everything there is a season.

Miscellaneous Mischief & News

Bates Technical College, where Chelsea works as Communications Director, had a successful seven-year re-accreditation site visit last month, so that’s excellent news. Additionally, Bates President Lin Zhou won CEO of the Year Award from the state’s trustee’s association. Bates is on a roll. 

Sloane, who turns 13 this summer, is finishing seventh grade at Saint Pat’s. Yes, some of you might recall she was born on 8/9/10.

She’s keeping up her grades while also taking care of a growing puppy, honing her tennis game, and hanging out with actresses. You may have seen a picture of Sloane and a thespian friend on my personal Facebook page?

As for tennis, I’m pretty sure Sloane’s goal is to beat me soon. That day is coming. I’ll keep you posted.

And happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers. God bless you.

Thanks for reading.