Some news is fake, but it’s still cool to wake up in Jakarta and see your case on the front page of The New York Times next to a teaser about an old friend and fine writer, Bret Ellis.

After reading the interview, which was more profile than dialogue, I am not sure how Bret has calmed down. I suggest you buy his new book to find out. I did.

Lion Air Update

The New York Times got it right in their story about Boeing, “Days of Silence and Mistrust.” Their investigative reporting has been top drawer.

Local papers usually do not have the resources or talent for true investigative reporting, but Dominic Gates and colleagues at The Seattle Times have written a series of first-rate, fact-based stories. Gates covered the initial filing of our lawsuit against Boeing.

Meanwhile, the Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft is grounded worldwide. First, Lion Air Flight JT 610 crashed after takeoff in Jakarta on October 29, 2018. Second, Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET 302 crashed after takeoff in Addis Ababa on March 10, 2019.

At Herrmann Law Group, we are representing victim families in both disasters. The circumstances surrounding the crashes are highly similar. I did an interview with 60 Minutes Australia discussing Boeing’s reaction to the unprecedented back-to-back crashes of a nearly new passenger aircraft.

The computer software that overpowered the pilots and drove both planes into fatal high-speed dives is called MCAS. At a press conference in Jakarta, I likened MCAS to HAL, the villainous computer in 2001: a Space Odyssey. Fortunately, there were some pop culture aficionados in the audience that understood and nodded.

““Liability will not truly be in dispute here. Boeing is at fault. Their equipment failed. Their planes crashed twice,” Mark Lindquist, an attorney with the Herrmann Law Group who is representing the families of 26 victims of the Lion Air crash, told Yahoo Finance.

Public Safety and Personal Injury Law

I am honored to be representing victim families from both crashes. This has been a natural transition after a 23-year career as a prosecutor, from local safety to global safety.

To follow our lawsuits, go to the Herrmann Law Group website. I have also been writing about experience on my personal lawyer website, Facebook, Instagram, and previous posts on this blog.

At HLG we represent victims of everything from aviation disasters to civil rights. Please contact me if I can help with anything. Tell your friends, too, thanks.

And thanks for reading.