Indonesia continues to intrigue. On this trip, our band went up river all the way to Borneo. We represent 17 victim families from the crash of Sriwijaya Air Flight SJ 182 outside of Jakarta.

There are both similarities and differences with our successful lawsuit against Boeing in the crash of Lion Air JT 610 where we represented 46 victim families.  You can read more on my lawyer website.

Our clients are spread around the islands of Indonesia. In one of the cool highlights of my career, clients ceremoniously welcomed us into their families.

Once again I was reminded of how blessed I am to be able to assist people in need of justice. 

Urban Ocean Seabrook

Summer is coming. Urban Ocean is booking up fast.  We put our Market Street Loft at Seabrook into the rental pool this month. You can read about it and book it at “A Loft With a View.” 

Loft living, ocean views, easy downtown access, Urban Ocean is a vacation trifecta. Biased though I am, trust me on this.

And Seabrook is strangely enchanting, a cross between Martha’s Vineyard and “The Truman Show.”  You can see more at our Urban Ocean Instagram or my personal Instagram.

“We are tied to the ocean. When we go back to the sea – whether it is to sail or to watch it – we are going back whence we came.” J.F.K.

Movies and Books

On one of my long, long flights to Indonesia, I watched “Richard Jewell.” Directed by Clint Eastwood, it’s the true story of a hyper-vigilant security guard who saved lives when he noticed an abandoned backpack in a park. Inside the backpack was a bomb.  

Jewell is hailed as a hero for about 72 hours. Then the FBI and the media accuse him of being the bomber. He was not, of course. Still, he is subjected to three months of lies, gossip, speculation, and misleading headlines. Keep this cautionary tale in mind whenever you’re watching or reading “news” about a criminal case, or civil case, or just about anything else. 

Also on the flights, I finished James Michener’s memoir. While I’m not a big fan of his prose style, I am a big fan of his life philosophy. “I tried to always engage in tasks that had some significance and to associate with people who were trying to accomplish worthy ends.” 

He lived large, wrote it down, and succeeded in his goal. I admire him and recommend this memoir even more than his novels. 

Finally, one of his travel observations is consistent with what I often felt in the community as an elected prosecutor and feel again now in different worlds as an aviation attorney. “We are all brothers. We all face the same problems and find the same satisfactions. We are united in one great band.”

Thanks for reading.