Happy new year!  “And now let us believe in a long year that is given to us, new, untouched, full of things that have never been, full of work that has never been done.”

Here is my 2018 year-end list of books and movies. These are not necessarily the best. These are not necessarily even from 2018. Instead, these are just books and movies I got around to recently and recommend.

Christopher Robin, a wonderful movie about the creative process and the Zen of Winnie the Pooh. “Sometimes doing nothing leads to the very best something.”

Ego is the Enemy, by Ryan Holiday, a smart book about doing your best work. “Impressing people is utterly different from being truly impressive.”

Mastery, by Robert Greene, a mentor to Holiday. “You must value learning above everything else.”

Reading is not the only way to learn, but it is one way.

Thanks for reading.