What’s “the best live rock album ever” according to music critic Nik Cohn at The New York Times?

Hint: it features a 15-minute version of “My Generation.”

Yes, “Live at Leeds.” The Who. There are only six tracks on the original LP, while the CD has 14 songs. Both versions include the Eddie Cochran classic, “Summertime Blues.”

“Sometimes I wonder what I’m gonna do. But there ain’t no cure for the Summertime Blues….”

Ah, summer of 2020. I can hardly wait for the songs, movies, and books of this period in history.

Initiative 1776

I’m a co-chair of the Pierce County I-1776 effort. Fitting number, timely idea. Also known as the Washington Anti-Discrimination Act, this initiative is a reworked version of I-1000, which failed by less than 1% of the vote last November. This year we win.

I-1776 “would expand prohibitions on discrimination by the state; limit the current prohibition on preferential treatment; require that government agencies work to ensure no-cost vaccinations; and expand public availability of disease-related data.”

For more information, visit the website. While you’re there, please sign the petition. Do it today because the deadline for signatures is July 2. You can sign with your iPhone. It’s cool.

“The moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

Legacy of Advocacy

As most of you know, I joined Herrmann Law Group in January of 2019. One of the reasons I chose HLG is the legacy of advocacy for justice. Our founder, Karl Herrmann, was a Washington State Senator and State Insurance Commissioner who continually fought for the people against corporate insurance companies.

Today, we represent 50 victim families in the two crashes of Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft in Indonesia and Ethiopia. We’ve settled some of our cases. We are still working on others. Whether by settlement or trial, our goal is justice for the victims, accountability for Boeing, and safer skies for everyone. You can read more at my lawyer website or a Tacoma Weekly front page story.

For much of 2019 and early 2020 I was in Jakarta and on Bangka Island getting to know our clients and the culture. Also, truth be told, I took a few days off to visit Bali. For pictures see my Instagram.

HLG is a personal injury firm and we represent injured people in everything from mass disasters to incidents of excessive police force. Last year I filed the first vaping lawsuit in Washington.

Book Recommendations

This blog began more than ten years ago as a vehicle for spreading the word about books, movies, and music. I’m short on recommendations this month, but Sloane has a couple.

At 14 Maria Sharapova became a professional tennis player. At 17 she won Wimbledon. And at 18 she was the number one female tennis player in the world.

Her biography is titled, Unstoppable, My Life So Far. I’ve been reading it with Sloane. Five stars, Sloane says. Recommended for all ages.

Sharapova herself says, “This is a story about sacrifice, what you have to give up. But it’s also just the story of a girl and her father and their crazy adventure.”

It’s also a story about the importance of a positive attitude, hard work, resilience, and luck. Therefore, it’s an outstanding book to give to the children in your life. And to the adults.

Over the Christmas break, Sloane read Sisters and Champions, the True Story of Venus and Serena Williams, a children’s book. The Williams sisters are tennis stars who competed with Sharapova and share the same commitment and work ethic.

You can see more of my book recommendations in my updated Links page, which includes dozens of book reviews for The New York Times Book Review, The Los Angeles Times Book Review, The Oregonian, and The Seattle Times, among other publications.

Thanks for reading.